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Meet the 2017 Kane County Chronicle’s Best Under 40

The Kane County Chronicle Best Under 40 event will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. Sept. 20 at Royal Fox Country Club in St. Charles. Tickets are $50 and include a reception, dinner and ceremony. The 2017 Best Under 40 class includes Adam Voirin, Alex Hoffer, Austin Dempsey, Dani Hollis, Ellen Kamps, Jason Parthun, Jessica Isaacson, John Webb, Kevin Phillips, Rich Kitick and Toya Webb. Read More

The megatrends that are reshaping food and beverage packaging

Plastics and packaging are nearly synonymous. Packaging of all types from food and beverage to consumer goods to durables makes use of plastics because of its durability, consumer friendliness, sustainability and recyclability into myriad new products. PET is one of the primary materials used for packaging, and the PET packaging marketing is forecast to reach 21.2 million tons by 2021 with sustainability and lightweighting expected to play a major role in the development of the industry, according...

Speaker: Don’t let caps get in the way of the product

Sal Pellingra ITASCA, ILL. — Most of us have struggled to squeeze out the last few drops from a packaged consumer good. But did you know that 60 percent of consumers admit they made a mess? Or 18 percent reported farting noises from their bottles? Sal Pellingra knows. Consumers hate wasting products they buy more than going to the dentist, he said at the Plastics Caps & Closures Conference. Pellingra is...