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A Legacy of Leadership in Sustainability



Materials sourcing, utilization, disposition

Onsite electricity cogeneration for efficiency, cost savings, and to relieve the local grid

Emissions management & reduction

Waste reduction and disposal

Advocacy for manufacturing and plastics


<1.5% of waste goes to a landfill

50% reduction in water usage using inline filtration 

350,000 pounds of material diverted from landfills annually

1,744,627kWh of energy saved using high-efficiency lighting

161,518kWh of energy saved using variable frequency drive motors


“Zero waste” efforts that eliminate single-use plastics minimize the environmental impacts of an event. In reality, the benefits of diverting waste from the landfill are small. Waste reduction and mindful consumption, including a careful consideration of the types and quantities of products consumed, are far larger factors dictating the environmental impact of an event.

A History of Sustainability

Beginning in 2007 Hoffer Plastics implemented a facility wide recycling program. The focus of this program was to eliminate all manufacturing waste from going to the landfill. Hoffer’s Executive Management Team supported this initiative which involved employees from all departments.

In 2021, less than 1.5% of the 25,000,000 lbs of manufacturing resin ended up in the landfill. The company wide initiative institutionalized a culture of enhanced corporate sustainability. This corporate culture has helped spur on many innovative and cost saving ideas from employees. Capital saved from these projects has allowed the organization to reinvest in other areas allowing it to be one of the leaders in our industry.

Scrap Separation and Recycling

All plastic is segregated by type including any floor sweepings or contaminated materials.  In 2021, we used 25,000,000 lbs of material and sent less than 1.5% to the landfill.

The engineering team identified the most voluminous polymer used in our manufacturing process and created a separate collection system for the machines running that material. Now that this scrap is acceptable for recycling, we no longer need to have the trash compactor picked up each week. Instead we have worked with the garbage company to have the compactor picked up on an on-call basis.

We estimate the annual impact of this system change to be 350,000 pounds of material diverted from landfill.


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