Molding the Future

Hoffer Plastics Puts People First to Drive Career and Business Success

molding for the future

Market trends evolve. Product demand ebbs and flows. Technologies advance. Yet, at the core of any successful manufacturing operation, there’s a crucial constant: the people.

We live this truth every day at Hoffer Plastics. For 70 years, our business has always succeeded – and continues to thrive – because of our team members. While the manufacturing industry continues to struggle with a skilled-worker shortage, we continue to nurture talent, foster growth and empower the next generation of leaders in the manufacturing industry.

Many Hoffer Plastics team members have been with us for decades. In fact, our team boasts an average tenure of 14 years – with an individual who’s been contributing to our success for 52 of our 70 years! Every day, we strive to celebrate and thank these employees – whether they are just starting out, or have been with us for decades.

Here’s a look at how we’re attracting, retaining and inspiring the workforce we need to keep building a brighter future.

Nurturing Excellence through Employee Development

We are passionate about empowering employees to take advantage of a wide array of training and ongoing education opportunities – whether it’s an entry-level position or a highly skilled role. By providing access to stable and exciting long-term careers in manufacturing, we are not just creating jobs; we are building pathways to success.

On-the-job training encourages our people to develop skills and explore new interests. Pathways include internal training, a DOL certification for our apprenticeship and an apprentice partnership with Elgin Community College to offer additional opportunities in maintenance, automation and beyond. Moreover, we offer tuition reimbursement for external education as well as ongoing educational opportunities outside of apprenticeships.

While our employees expand their skill sets, our company gains a greater breadth and depth of talent on our team. And everyone has the potential to turn that professional growth into leadership with the support of Hoffer’s leadership development program.

Energizing Our Team with New Technology

New technology means new opportunities – for our business and for our employees. It means higher precision. Fewer tedious tasks. More time to innovate. And more fun in an advanced, sophisticated and engaging environment.

Hoffer Plastics is leading the way to this vibrant future. Every year, we invest in advanced manufacturing equipment and automation including:

  • Advanced automation and robotics
  • Micro-molding and other unique processing techniques

We look at it as investing in people, so that they can advance their skills and put their talents to use with higher-value tasks. Simply put, new tech makes our workplace more exciting and rewarding.

Creating a Sustainable Future

The long-term viability of our industry, our company and by extension, our employees, depends on our ability to use resources as efficiently as possible.

That’s why we believe in creating critical solutions that support environmental sustainability today and for generations to come. Hoffer Plastics has long been a leader in advancing sustainable practices and materials. And our people are front and center in these efforts, including:

  • Implementing a facility-wide recycling program.
  • Reducing electricity and water consumption through wastewater capture and reuse.
  • Hold ourselves accountable and publish an annual scorecard report on our progress.
  • Developing biodegradable resins and recycle-ready products.

Elevating Our Community

Bob Hoffer, who founded Hoffer Plastics in 1953, taught us to “be a good neighbor.” As a result, we’re as connected to our community as our employees are.

Whether we’re pivoting to produce healthcare supplies during times of global crisis or providing the peace of mind of backup electricity to neighbors with our onsite power co-generation plant, we’re always ready to step up and help.

Meanwhile, working with local technical colleges and universities, high schools, middle schools, and veterans’ organizations, Hoffer provides a path to family-supporting careers for people across the community.

We also lend our heartfelt support to a variety of community initiatives. It’s not just about investing dollars – although we are blessed to have that ability through the Hoffer Foundation. We encourage team members to give back through service initiatives in partnership with the United Way, Boys and Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, Food for Greater Elgin and many other worthy causes.

Prioritizing Health, Wellness & Safety

The wellbeing of our employees is always on our minds.

We’re on the forefront of safety initiatives in our industry, with practices including:

  • Training on fall protection and prevention for all mechanics.
  • Regular, ongoing safety audits and mock OSHA inspections.
  • Emergency event simulation training, such as fire and chemical incidents and other situations.

Hoffer Plastics also fosters a healthy work/life balance. Flexible work schedules, job sharing and a generous benefits package including paid family leave help give our employees room for their families, friends and interests.

In addition, we support them through challenges both at work and at home. An on-site chaplain provides free, confidential counseling guidance on almost any issue. Plus, work/life specialists are available to assist with child care, healthcare, legal questions and more.

Thriving Together Over the Long Term

As a third-generation family-owned business, we know we wouldn’t be here without our employees. Through our employee-centered practices, a culture of collaboration and a genuine, collective commitment to each other’s success, the people of Hoffer Plastics continue to perform at the highest level. We couldn’t be prouder of our team, and we can’t wait to take on the new challenges together.