It’s National Wellness Month

We’re sharing some interesting new trends and approaches to wellness that we hope will inform and inspire you. Read on!
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Prescribing Nature

What if your doctor prescribed a 30 minute walk outdoors instead of prescribing a drug? It’s happening, and there’s solid science behind it.

A study among the world’s longest living people (> 100) confirmed that they all have physical activity and movement in their daily lives. Not gym workouts, marathon runs or lifting weights, but simple movement: doing their own house and yard work, maintaining a garden, walking places instead of taking a car. Moving every 20 minutes or so instead of sitting at a desk or TV. (Source: Dan Buettner, The Blue Zones)

In a society that’s increasingly technologically driven, getting moving, getting outdoors and experiencing the power of nature has a proven, positive effect on people’s health and happiness.

In Washington, D.C., Dr. Robert Zarr writes prescriptions for parks to help patients with obesity, anxiety, diabetes and depression. He developed a coordinated program with a network of 382 local parks, each mapped and evaluated on various criteria.

While his was the first “ecotherapy” program in the U.S., there are now over 150 nationwide. (Source: 2019 Global Wellness Summit)

Personalized Nutrition

With a global obesity epidemic and a plethora of confusing, complicated and ineffective diets and nutritional programs, there may be a simple solution:  a customized plan based on the unique makeup of your body.

There are now simple, self assessment surveys and inexpensive profiling tests (based on DNA, blood biomarkers and genotypes) that can tell you the best—and worst—foods and eating approaches for your uniquely individual body and lifestyle.
And although it’s a relatively new approach with just a few early research studies, the results are promising. Customized nutritional plans work: not just for losing and maintaining a healthy weight, but for addressing specific health conditions and improving overall wellness.
A peer reviewed paper based on aggregated data from more than 1000 consumers showed that personalized nutrition recommendations consistently optimized key markers of health, including blood sugar, cholesterol, and inflammation . (Sources: Global Wellness Summit; InsideTracker)

Enabling Employee Wellness: Spotlight on Hoffer Plastics

Hoffer Plastics knows that employee wellness has a huge impact on people’s outlook and ability to successfully do their jobs; not just for themselves but for their teammates and family.
Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to help our team members lead happier and more productive lives at home and at work.
Licensed, professional counselors help with:
  • Stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Relationship issues, divorce
  • Job stress, work conflicts
  • Family and parenting problems
  • Anger, grief, and loss
In addition, work/life specialists are available to assist with:
  • Child care
  • Elder care
  • Legal questions
  • Identity theft
  • Reducing your medical/dental bills
Many companies today have implemented truly innovative programs for their teams, both onsite and offsite. Click here to read about the latest inspirational and novel approaches to wellness programs:

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