Custom injection molder Hoffer Plastics Corp. (South Elgin, IL) is launching two innovative closures for flexible pouch packaging. The closures offer significant advances and benefits in terms of manufacturing compatibility, industry applications, product safety, tamper evidence and seal integrity.

The first new product, Tether Lok, leverages Hoffer’s successful Trust-T-Lok basic design and properties, but goes a lot further. Tether Lok is a one-piece spout and neck fitment, ready to be installed on pre-formed flexible pouches. The real benefit is the tethered, flip-top design of the cap closure, suited for on-the-go usage and consumption.

The tethered top eliminates the frustration of lost or misplaced caps, product spillage and waste. “Tether Lok represents a real advancement in convenience, product quality and product safety,” says Alex Hoffer, Vice President of Sales and Operations. “In applications from baby food to functional beverages to condiments, consumers will love that they can open, enjoy and easily re-close the product with one hand.” Tether Lok is molded using a proprietary resin that offers excellent sealing properties and multiple color options, and is environmentally friendly.