Hoffer Plastics’ Philosophy Puts People over Profits

Amid the pandemic in an industry hit hard by layoffs and cutbacks, one manufacturer says ‘family was our advantage in these last six months.’

Like many companies facing massive disruption as COVID-19 spreads across the world, Hoffer Plastics Corp. had to make hard decisions.

Among the tough choices was fulfilling its customers’ needs while simultaneously protecting the health and welfare of its employees. As a global supplier of custom injected plastic parts used in everything from baby food pouches to lawnmowers, deadlines still had to be met despite the growing pandemic.

Most of the company’s 350 employees were working in three shifts at Hoffer’s 360,000-square-foot plant in the Chicago suburb of South Elgin. They couldn’t simply tuck a laptop under their arm and manufacture blender parts or speaker covers from their dining room table. They had to clock in every day as COVID-19 spread, seeking direction and support from company leaders.

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