PlastChicks Host Hoffer Plastics’ Co-CEOs: Family Business Dynamics & Industry Innovation

In a recent episode of the PlastChicks Podcast, sponsored by SPE, hosts Lynzie Nebel and Mercedes Lanazuri sat down with Hoffer Plastics’ third-generation leaders, Gretchen Hoffer Farb, Charlotte Hoffer Canning and Alex Hoffer. The Hoffer Plastics Co-CEOs explore the dynamics of navigating a family-owned, full-service custom injection-molding plastics business, their approach to innovation in the plastics industry, as well as the success behind the company’s unique model with three CEOs at the helm.

Amidst the insightful discussion, one particularly intriguing narrative unfolded: the diverse pathways that led G3 to where they are today. Gretchen embarked on her professional journey as a Certified Public Accountant, dedicating seven and a half years to honing her skills before returning to the family business with a vision to be a leader of influence. Charlotte began her career in Marketing and Sales at Pepsi Co, immersing herself into the dynamics of the consumer packaging goods industry. After receiving a call from Gretchen a few years later, Charlotte embraced the opportunity to invest her time, passion and energy into the legacy their Grandfather started. Alex transitioned from personal trainer to a vital member of the Hoffer Plastics team. Initially hesitant about joining the family business, Alex’s path led him to a newfound passion for the intricacies of the plastics industry.

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